Skyrim Hype: How Morrowind Immortalized The Elder Scrolls Series

Oblivion is overrated. Morrowind is the real deal.

It kinda annoys me when I read articles that say Skyrim was made by the Oblivion developer. It kinda reminds me that a lot of those people who played Oblivion do not really understand the Elder Scrolls Magic. Ask them about Morrowind, and either they do not know or they are annoyed by the graphics. Well guess what, when I first saw Oblivion, i kinda thought the graphics sucked. My heavily modded Morrowind looked better than vanilla Oblivion.

I’m not an Oblivion hater, mind you. I just want to give credit to what game started the strong community support for The Elder Scrolls series. It’s Morrowind. You see sirs, the real deal with The Elder Scrolls series is not because of its gameplay or presentation. As much as how the gameplay is ambitious (and pretty successful at it), gamers will inevitably exhaust all the quests, will open all the chests, and will visit discover all the locations…and by the time that is done, by the time that a player would say, “I got nothing to do anymore”, BAM! The game would be shelved. Continue reading